Sunday, September 16, 2007

So, whats the Story?

They say a picture says a thousand words!

Hopefully, what I'm about to say won't take that many...

The aircraft in the picture is an AirTractor 802 series aircraft. The pilot of the aircraft in that photo is my husband. He was photographed by a client who's field of sorghum he was spraying.

Why start a blog with this image? Well, I guess because that man piloting that plane is why I'm starting a blog.

About 10 months ago, my man was in a fatal aircraft accident that involved that very aircraft. Shocking I know but there's just no other way to put it out there!

His accident has been my motivation to reach out to others who are experiencing the same thing as me.

I'm not here looking for sympathy.

Rather, I'm here looking for others that I can help through their own journey of grief and bereavement due to aviation accidents.

So, if you know someone who is going through this or are someone yourself, I'd be pleased to hear from you. Even if all we do is share and chat together about our stories!

The Story So Far...

Well, here I am in the wonderful wide world of Blogging...

I'm making this foray into the blogging world as a way to test the waters so to speak!

So as I get my blog set up, I'll fill in the blanks about my story so far...