Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Blog About Something...

So, I think I lost my muse there for a while...

I haven't even been writing up in my real life journal much either.

It was like after the excitement and busyness of March, I didn't have anything left to say and that 3 posts on one weekend was probably enough to turn any die hard reader away. Well, I hope that there are some of you still out there...waiting...reading...listening to crickets! LOL.

Well, the crickets can be silent. I have found my voice for a time again. As well as rediscovering a past passion for photography.

I purchased for myself a replacement for the Pentax SLR that I've had and got a DSLR. Boy, what a learning curve! I just love the photos I can take. Wait till I can get over the nervousness of using all this new stuff and I get back into manually using apertures and shutter speeds! The sky won't be the limit, I can assure you!

So, I have got a flickr account to host all some of the good pictures...the bad ones you just delete! And if you're interested you can have a search for Duchess and the Duke, you'll find us there too.
I'll post some here as well...