Thursday, August 7, 2008

Long Time No See...

Damn blogger...

Sorry if you've left comments recently and they've not been published. In order to reduce the spam problem, I moderate the comments before publishing them. It appears the last lot got eaten by some bug in the system! Sorry folks! But I did get to see that you'd left me some comments! Thankyou!

Yes, I've been a bit busy of late. A few pictures will tell a thousand words I'm sure.

The first one is of a joey that was thrust into my life by her mother who committed suicide on the side of my car one night a few weeks ago. She's doing very well and even hops around after me...well, bounces off things and hops after me! She's quite the feeder and is doing well with weight for age I think.

We've had a fairly mild winter but it has had its share of frosts too...The new back deck has even had a frost on it. Reminded me of the snow!

I'll be back soon...this time I promise!