Saturday, November 26, 2011

Testing, Testing, Testing...

12 months on and I find myself sitting at the computer trying to find, for the life of me, on the world wide web, some sort of records of previous flood heights because we find ourselves being surrounded by water, yet again!

Either I am not asking Google the right questions, or the records don't exist. So, then I got to thinking about my blog and if I might have written anything about flood heights from the previous year. Lo and behold...I have.

Now, I will record here this flood event and at least that way, I can remind myself a whole lot easier, of what a major flood event meant for the town. I see that I had recorded that we were expecting a 6.9 metre event, though I cannot remember if we got it.

At the moment, I have a very wet front paddock, which is slowly draining after we had a record 170mm in the past 7 days. The lagoon is now well over its banks and we once again have water views from the house. At least, today, the sun is out and shining!

The BOM is currently predicting a major flood here on Sunday, exceeding 6.7 metres and peaking at 7 metres on Tuesday. We are currently seeing local water and by Tuesday the water that will force the peak up will have come from further up stream.

Whilst, I know all of this might sound boring...its going to help me in the future as I remind myself of how the flood was. I will also go and take photos as well, yes, I will post here too.