Monday, October 8, 2007

Random Facts About Me

Random Facts About Me

I've been tagged and so here I am responding to that tag. Again, I am totally new to this world of blogs and so don't really know to much about this sort of thing, so please, bear with me!

1. I have one teenage son.
2. My main job at the moment is as a barista (that's a maker of coffee, not a lawyer!)
3. I have a big indoor screen and an even bigger outdoor screen for watching movies!
4. I drive an American pickup.
5. I own my home on 6 acres in a small country town.
6. I spend a bit of spare time on various internet forums and have met various people from them.
7. I am a bronze level swimming coach.
8. I own 5 horses.
9. I love riding my Ducati!
10. I am a Christian.

Thanks to Johblogs for that!


Joh said...

Thanks for that Duchess. I also have a teenage son. They're great arent' they!

Jennifer Elizabeth said...

Oh, you left out that you are a fantastic photographer!!! (assuming that you took the pictures on your blog)

And a beautiful friend. :)

Duchess said...

Thanks Jenn! Some of the pictures were taken by me.

The one of the Ducati was taken on my phone, even impressed me!

I've always have had an interest in photography. I had plans at one stage to be a cinematographer. But that's another story...