Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Armidale and A Pair of Boots...

The title to this entry has two meanings to me today! A pair of boots being what I bought for myself when in Tamworth on Monday, as I was passing through back to home. A pair of motorcycle boots to be precise.

The other meaning is that my son has gained the title Lance-Corporal in Cadets. So, he's been wearing a pair of boots too! I was excited to hear that he'd decided to do the leadership course and I think he was excited to have passed the test today to become a Lance-Corporal. Well done, my young man!

Finally, we've had decent rain here. 50mm overnight, which has left the place damp and muddy in places. But I'm sure not complaining! However, you can't please everybody. Those still stripping wheat were stopped from finishing with this bit of rain. But at least they weren't too upset about it. How could you be! It was RAIN!

Well, looks like I've got a lot of mowing coming my way!


Snoskred said...

Yay for rain! :)


Duchess said...

Yay is right!

Have you guys had rain?

Snoskred said...

Have we ever, it's been crazy here this last week or so. I havent had to water the plants since this time last week. Every night there's at least 10 minutes of heavy and loud rain.

I'm not complaining but I am thinking of getting one of those 200 litre water tanks for the balcony if it keeps up. ;) A lot of that water is going to waste.