Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The media lies...and the SES incites panic...

So, just a quick one for my readers but if you've heard about the latest in the flood situation here, you're probably wondering if everything is ok.

Everything is ok!

Today we received a message from the SES automated system (but yes, someone had to punch the button) telling us to "prepare for evacuation now". Many people in town believed the order to be to evacuate now! I can see why.

Meanwhile, the order to not evacuate and just prepare for it came a good three or more hours after the first one. Not quite good enough, NSW SES. There were calls to MPs and Ministers made. People will be questioned over this event. There is even talk now of people being demoted.

Whilst it may have been a simple mistake and over did upset a great deal many people...about 1700 to be exact. It had children and teenagers worried unnecessarily and then there are the elderly who were in distress. There is a way to get an evac order or preparation order out...this was not it.

So, meanwhile, we're ok here. The water is not even lapping at the bottom of the levee bank behind my home. Whilst it might go to a 6.9 metre major flood, it has yet to even come up the levee. The water I saw today was moving very fast, which was actually a bit of a surprise. In a way though, it is good to see it is moving fast, as that will mean it is getting away.

The forecast for the incoming weather has us looking to the skies again, however.

If you think of us...think of sending some mozzie repellant...we're going to need it!!

(The helicopter in the above photo belongs to Precision Helicopters and is parked in my neighbours front yard.)


LobStar_89 said...

So what kind of comparision should I make to the first time I visited Wee Waa and the floods to the current floods?

Duchess said...

About the same at this stage, though, if anything, there is a bit less water at the back of our place. The mozzies are worse. lol