Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's All About Jesus... I am...12 months since I started a blog.

I thought I'd celebrate by telling you all why I am the way I am. And this will be where I might lose readers or keep them. So be it! This post has been a long time fact its been 12 months and 37 years in the making!

Because its ALL about Jesus. It is Jesus who has redeemed me, Jesus who has paid the very dear price for me, Jesus who now lifts me up, promises me only good things and who now encourages me to tell you all about Him. It is also Jesus who Mark is now with.

Look. It's not been an easy road. Far from it. NO ONE would EVER wish this situation on themselves. I never dreamed of being a widow at the rather youngish age of 36. I TOTALLY believed that Mark and I were going to be married for a long, long time.

Dreams...oh, I could tell you the dreams we had together...shattered in one heartbreaking moment. I can tell you too, that I've more than shook my fist at God over the past eighteen biggest question..."WHY THIS WAY?"


It is so I can tell you all why I am this way. And guess what!?


You know...I could spout Bible verse after Bible verse here now...but I'm not going to do that. If what I've said here has affected you...well you'll either go and pick up a bible for yourself to see what the heck it is that Jesus is all about. Or you will leave me a message here to ask me personally how you can find Jesus...

Because, seriously, if you don't know Jesus, you will struggle in life, you will find hardships unbearable, you will worship and idolise the wrong things. There IS more to life...and that MORE is JESUS! And if you don't know Jesus, you will be on the path to hell...and whats more...WE won't see each other again. I would dearly love to see ALL of my friends and family again. PLEASE, FIND Jesus! This blog might be the start for you...MY prayer is that it is.

I live, love and glorify Jesus. Nothing else matters...


Goose said...

Good for you Miss, I like it!

Ganeida said...

The one thing I know for absolute sure is how much God loves me. I've struggled with feeling loved all my life so you can imagine the issues I had with the whole *God loves you* thing. Well, He made sure I got the picture. The thing is though, everyone has to enter into their own relationship with God. Lots of times even Christians give me strange looks if I mention how God has revealed himself to me..& he does like to drive His point home.:D When Mark died all He kept giving me was Romans 8...ALL of it! Yeppity~yep.

And I do like the definition of history as His Story!

Pete56 said...

Hey Duchess!

You are one awesome lady! (for an Australian!!! Just kidding!!!)

I am really amazed by your story and your love for Jesus!

It really blows me away to think how versatile our Papa God is! he reaches out to each of us in such a personal and liberating way and then places us where we can learn s much from each other!

Bless you Sister!

Oh and thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

good reminder for this chick this is all about Jesus.

you never cease to amaze me, or prove my initial reaction to you was spot on...........

i just simply love you, immensely.
you have quite a corner of my heart, dear heart........

Snow White said...


Rock on!! Most excellent post!!

It is all about Jesus....

Our griefs are vastly different, yet the timetables are kinda the same. As mad as I've been at Him these past 24 months, I don't know where I'd be without Jesus. Really. I can't even fathom walking this alone.

Thanks for sharing your heart and story with me.